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Outdoor Finish: the ideal choice for terraces and swimming pools

Our product fits in perfectly with any room in the home: bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens…but what’s more, it is also a great choice for outdoor areas. Our Outdoor finish has been designed for installation in courtyards, swimming pools and terraces, thereby creating a sense of the continuation of the home itself.Starwood offers all the characteristics necessary to remain unaffected by  rain, snow, hail and extreme humidity… types of weather that can occur anywhere and that any terrace needs to be able to withstand. We are therefore able to guarantee quality and perfect condition despite adverse conditions.Furthermore, our Outdoor finish models feature an innovative and exclusive non-slip system. So Starwood is an ideal option for use as swimming pool flooring. They offer excellent safety guarantees and contribute to preventing problems and falls caused by slipping.

However, we were also eager to ensure that there would be no noticeable difference between the standard and Outdoor finishes. In order to ensure a sense of continuity between interiors and exteriors that architects and interior designers are so keen to create in their projects. Intense research efforts in the labs eventually enabled us to create a single flooring product suitable for installation both indoors and in adjoining outdoor area. Then, there isn’t any noticeable differences in the material.
The state-of-the-art technologies used in the development of our Outdoor finish allows for the production of outdoor pieces in colours that are similar to those of the indoor finishes. This version is available in all 12 colour shades, making for practical outdoor spaces.


Easy maintenance

Practical spaces due to the fact that Starwood is not heavy maintenance and is very easy to clean. Even though outdoor settings require more attention as they are in contact with dust, humidity and water, etc

All in all, Starwood is ideal for use in spaces where natural wood is not an option due to the fact that it would quickly deteriorate.  Indeed, the main advantage of our product is precisely its durability. In keeping with our ‘eternal craft’ slogan, over the years this material is guaranteed to remain intact.

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