Starwood: How to differentiate the collections?

Studies of tree cuts from all over the world, thousands of laboratory hours, inspiration in the details of nature… This is our day to day job to offer you every year new Starwood products with the highest quality and definition and with the greatest possible variety to adapt to all interior designs.

All in all, Starwood has six models and a total of 26 shades ranging from light ceramic woods such as Nairobi Grain or Minnesota Ash to the darkest with Nebraska Noir or Tanzania Graphite. Because virtue lies in wealth and because we are aware that our clients design projects that range from a classic living room to a tropical one, passing through a more contemporary or minimalist concept.

But… How do you choose the right wood? What is the difference between one model and another?

Starwood | Vancouver Series

This new Starwood model stands out for its naturalness since it has been worked at all times with the natural piece to accurately capture the same veins, knots, etc., thanks to the process of digital relief. In the 22 different graphics is reflected up to the usual brushing that remains after a handcrafted sawing. This is one of the biggest differences with respect to the rest of the series, so if you are looking for an absolute appearance of natural wood, this option is perfect.

In Vancouver the veins are linear in their five colors: Nude, Moka, Honey, Silver and Brown.

Vancouver Honey by Starwood

Starwood | Namibia Model

Another new item we presented this year was the Namibia Nogal collection. Available in two colors – Ambar and Nature – it is characterized by its high deshading both in the same piece and with respect to others.  The slats can create up to three different shades (in the case of Ambar) but as a whole it is ideal.

In this model you can also see the typical handmade cut of the wood, although the main difference compared to Vancouver is that its veins are circular and the layers and rings are very marked.

Inspired by American Walnut, Namibia also offers 22 different graphics. If you like bold colors, this series is your best choice. Keep in mind that it is recommended to install in vertical position.

Namibia Nogal Nature

Starwood | Tanzania Collection

Tanzania was introduced two years ago and since then has been one of the favorite collections by our customers. It is currently available in nine different and varying colors as Tanzania Almond is one of the lightest while Tanzania Graphite is one of the darkest.

It is our model with more richness of colors and veins so it also becomes one of the most striking.

Tanzania Almond by Starwood

Starwood | Nebraska Product

Coffee, Tea and Noir. These are the three colors available in Nebraska, a collection that stands out because you can hardly appreciate the veins. In contrast, it is the Starwood model where the knots are most marked. Although the three shades move in the range of browns, they have a pure black that makes it stand out in all the pieces.  In this way, a contrast is generated with the rest of the piece.

Nebraska is suitable for any room and decorative style, although we recommend it for homes or businesses looking for a more rustic appearance. We always go for using it in large spaces and combining it with beige furniture to counteract. It will create dreamlike settings.

Nebraska Coffee by Starwood
Starwood | Minnesota Series

Minnesota is Starwood’s most neutral model, with veins so subtle that they connect with the purest nature. Available in five colors of both light and dark shades to form a perfect puzzle in any space.

One of the most striking shades is Minnesota Ash, an ash gray. It’s like the new white that combines with both blacks and bolder colors. It is widely used outdoors thanks to Outdoor technology.

Minnesota Ash by Starwood
Starwood | Nairobi Model

This series was born in 2018 with two different colors: Grain and Honey. It is one of the most elegant and discreet ceramic woods of Starwood. The veins and layers are hardly appreciated because what stands out the most are the knots due to their dark color that contrasts with the light shade of the rest of the piece.

Grain is a more neutral and discreet color, fantastic for those timeless projects and those who want to give a touch of tranquility and calm. Honey is a color that will attract more attention so we recommend choosing it for large spaces.


Nairobi Grain

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