All roads lead to Rome

Date8 Eternal Dates by Starwood

The life of our stars in Eternal Dates is still going on and we don’t want you to miss a bit of it, so the eighth episode of this web series that has accompanied us so many times is now available.

If you haven’t seen the previous ones yet, it’s time for you to catch up. I leave you the link to the first chapter. When you get to the end of episode seven… Don’t hesitate to come back to this blog to find out what else is going on!

For those of you who follow us month by month… We have a party that will become unforgettable for both the organizer and the homeowners. Our main characters want to disconnect and decide to travel to Italy to enjoy Rome for a few days… While their teenage son will be home alone for the first time.

Starwood Eternal Dates | Easy Maintenance

To tell you the truth, he wanted his parents to leave more than the tourists themselves. Why? Because he has the whole house for himself and his friends. He organizes a party with all the decoration, music, drinks, food… More than 50 young people gather to have a good time, but in the morning there is no one left. Just leftovers, glasses on the floor, confetti all over the room… So it’s time to clean up.

It won’t take long either. And one of the main properties of Starwood to be highlighted in this episode is easy maintenance. Ceramic allows you to use common cleaning products to remove stains, scrub, etc. In addition, you can pass the vacuum cleaner or collector without hesitation since it will not be scratched.

Starwood Eternal Dates | Materials Used

This whole episode takes place in the main hall in which we find Vancouver Nude 25×150 cm both in the floor and in the wall. The characters chose this model thanks to its neutrality and naturalness as it is easy to combine with furniture for the four seasons of the year.

In the fireplace they have mixed it with the Urban collection by Venis. A series that looks like cement and breaks with uniformity.

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