Eternal Dates: a different date with Starwood

Eternal Dates, web serie Starwood

“Dreaming of my first apartment.” That’s the title of the first episode of Starwood’s new series. Eternal Dates explains the power and benefits of ceramics through everyday family scenes. Everything takes place in different homes in which our ceramic wood demonstrates its durability and resistance in situations as common as the fall of an object to the ground, the dragging of a table or easy cleaning after dinner with friends …

It all starts next Friday, April 26th. She, a young woman of about 25, is preparing for her law PhD, but her mind is elsewhere… She is dreaming of her new flat. A nice and modern apartment where you can enjoy your independence, but she suddenly reacts: it’s time to go to the last exam. And she’ ll always remember that day. Because she finished her studies and her dreams stopped being that… Just dreams.

Starwood | The series has 12 episodes

Do you want to know what dreams the first character has fulfilled? The story will continue next May. Eternal Dates is made up of 12 episodes that will be released monthly both in the different profiles in social networks and on the Starwood website. The 12 episodes review 12 unforgettable dates for the stars of our stories. They are common moments, partners with the audience that has also gone through many of them.

The idea is that it is the customers and consumers themselves who discover the benefits and features of our material. Our product is the secondary star.

Starwood | 12 benefits

Specifically, in each of the episodes we will discover one of the properties of this ceramic wood: Resistance to fire and water, commitment to sustainability, warm-fresh thermal feeling, hardness, inalterability to sunlight, easy to clean and little maintenance.

Non-slip is another major feature, so we can see Starwood installed in places like the shower. The rectified design, the wood texture and the personality it gives to the spaces complete this list of 12 benefits.

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