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Vancouver Nude by Starwood

At Starwood we have always defended our quality, design and resistance to high traffic, falling objects, scratches … If this is something important in a private home, it is even more important in a public business, so with Starwood we guarantee all without losing elegance.

Do not forget that the image projected by a business will say a lot about it. Something that still acquires much more force when we talk about a hotel. What is the first thing we look at when choosing accommodation? Most people would answer that the room… Its condition, cleanliness and style. With our ceramic wood we enhance these three requirements.

Starwood hotel | Your image will not change

First of all, the properties of our pieces ensure that the passage of time does not affect them. The color and the graphics will remain intact even if there is a person dragging the suitcase every day or walking around with high heels and a child playing on the floor.

As for cleaning, there will be no problem because it does not require any special treatment. A common maintenance will suffice.

Finally, style is essential for a hotel and with our product it is easy to adapt to different types of interior design. If you are thinking of opening a hotel or you are designing one… Don’t miss this blog.

With Starwood you can create a rustic lodging if it is located in the mountain, minimalist for the city or classic for those more traditional. In this case, we’ll show you a simple but modern bedroom for which we’ve chosen Vancouver Nude.

Starwood hotel | Vancouver Nude

It is true that Starwood has dark colors such as Minnesota Moka or Nebraska Noir, but for this type of business we recommend lighter colors such as Tanzania Almond, Tanzania Taupe or the one we have selected.

Vancouver Nude is one of those colors that do not go out of style thanks to its neutrality and naturalness with respect to the original wood. Nude is a source of beauty for all spaces. One of its main advantages is that you can change the furniture to update the bedroom to the latest fashion, but without having to modify the floor.

Dormitorio hotel con Vancouver Nude by Starwood

Starwood hotel | Neutral Colors

If you want to succeed, opt for neutral colors such as brown, beige or gray. For larger furniture such as bedsteads, beds and tables, as well as for curtains, we have chosen darker colors in order to contrast with the floor and give a stronger image to the room.

Decorative accessories such as table lamps, dressing table furniture or the stool at the foot of the bed have a lighter color. The idea was to keep the same range, but without recharging the bedroom.

For the wall covering we have chosen the new Dakar collection by Venis. Its pure white will convey a sense of purity and its wavy lines will transmit peace and tranquility for relaxation.

Starwood hotel | Combined with Dakar

Another option would have been to cover with Starwood as well. In this case, we would recommend making the furniture clearer because if we kept the one we had chosen, it would create too much contrast for a sleeping space. The cushions or dresser decorations could be put on with a touch of color.

If you think of a hotel in the mountains… The material we recommend is Nebraska Coffee for its distinctive brown. The opposite is true of Tanzania White, which would be more suitable for beachfront accommodation that could create very Mediterranean spaces by mixing it with brightly colored décor.

Starwood hotel | Vancouver Silver

With Vancouver Silver we will achieve a more minimalist style as it will be very easy to combine it with black or white menage, two unique colors of this type of interior design.

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