Kitchen open to the living room?

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Whether you are starting a project from scratch or deciding to undertake a major renovation of your home, layout is the key point. Depending on the type of home and lifestyle you have, you will look for more open spaces or smaller rooms, a very large bathroom or two more limited ones… However, many times the dilemma comes with the following question: Kitchen open to the living room?

There is no right or wrong answer. There are many adepts in this subject who assure that, besides being pretty, it is a fantastic option to balance the culinary side with the family. In contrast, there are other people who are of the opinion that this style of cooking leads to odor problems, that it is inconvenient…

The truth is that, as with everything, there are pros and cons. We love it so in today’s blog we show you how we designed the kitchen and living room of a loft in New York and explain the benefits of having a space like this.

Starwood | Continuity

Out with the partitions. This is the first rule in designing a kitchen that is open to the living room. While it is true that there are different possibilities such as sliding doors, windows and hatches or even an open wall, we believe in opening it up completely. This way, you gain a lot of surface and you can enjoy a fully open kitchen.

The continuity of both the floor and the decoration style is essential to achieve harmony. Therefore, first of all, you should choose a floor that can be used both in the living room and in the cooking area, taking into account that this space is more prone to getting dirty, water falling, objects such as cutlery…

As we have told you before, Starwood can be your ally. Our ceramic wood can be installed on both sides because it does not require thorough cleaning, it is resistant and, moreover, it fits both kitchen and living room furniture.

Starwood | Vancouver Sand

Specifically, we have chosen the new Vancouver Sand Ecologic model in 25 x 150 cm format. With a light shade derived from yellow, Sand is a warm and timeless material that invites you to relax, rest and disconnect. Just the feelings we are looking for when we sit on the couch to read a book or put on our cooking apron.

Apart from the floor and the wall, the decoration also follows the same style and the same colors since the idea is to create a uniformity and to merge two spaces into one. In this case, we wanted an atmosphere that would last over time, modern, but without being too flashy, and in which peace would reign.

In the part of the kitchen – designed by Gamadecor – we see beige and gray as the main colors along with glass to give more lightness. However, this implies a greater tidiness as the utensils will be visible to the naked eye. If it is untidy, this room loses its charm and gives a bad image. The same thing happens with the tableware, since it is an open shelf without doors.

On the island you will find the sink, the cooking area and the place to have breakfast, lunch or a drink with your friends or family.

Vancouver Sand

If we keep going towards the living room, we see how the same colors and the same concept are kept; open shelves, simple decorative accessories without overloading and with the couch creating that imaginary dividing line.

The most differentiating touch is provided by the wall tiles. Our decoration Noa Tanzania Almond draws a diamond with a subtle relief. It is something innovative and very elegant at the same time.

Starwood | Benefits

So the main idea is to give the two surfaces the same meaning to have an aesthetically beautiful and functional kitchen open to the living room.

An idea that can be applied to any apartment as it is suitable for both adults and children. In fact, for the latter they are a perfect solution because you get a lot of space and you can move around more comfortably.

In addition, this also allows to incorporate elements as it can be a breakfast bar that in the case of being a closed kitchen would not be possible.

Another benefit that should be highlighted is the natural light flow. Normally, the living room is the room of the house that has a balcony, large window or more windows so the kitchen takes advantage of it.

Finally, it can be very positive for family communication as one person can be cooking while another is sitting on the couch, parents preparing dinner while watching their children play… Of course, if you are one of those who likes to have guests at home, it is fantastic not to lose any detail of the evening.

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