Vancouver Nude: key in interior design

Vancouver  Nude, Starwood

A classic that returns stronger than ever because it is a generator of positive sensations. So is the color Nude. A basic color that has always been present in fields such as fashion or aesthetics and that increasingly plays a leading role in the ceramic industry.

Nude conveys warmth, calm and tranquility, can be placed in any space (kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms…) and is easy to combine. These are some of the reasons why at Starwood we launched Vancouver Nude this year. A model that stands out for its naturalness and its ability to create cozy environments.

Vancouver Nude | For any room

This light and creamy color contrasts with each of the knots and rings typical of natural wood that turn the room into a special place. If you want the whole house to have continuity, Vancouver Nude can be your ally as it is suitable for the bathroom, bedroom and terrace thanks to the Outdoor technology we offer at Starwood.

In our latest design we have chosen the living room to tell you how simple it is to combine this ceramic wood with furniture and get an elegant space. We were looking for a room where you could relax, watch TV, rest or even have a relaxing time with family and friends. For this reason, we choose furniture and decorative accessories in beige, brown and gray.

Vancouver Nude | Warmth and Purity

This way we enhance the feeling of warmth and serenity. It will also amplify the roominess because thanks to the large window we have, the sun rays reflect directly on the floor. For the sofa, the color is a light beige while the cushions and the lamp in gray serve to focus attention in some points of the room.

The decoration has a contemporary style, but without excessively innovative lines as we wanted a timeless room with the passage of time and to fit the different seasons. A plant, a vase or a book can add color.

However, if you’re looking for an eye-catching ambiance, Nude also works as long as you combine it with dark sofas, furniture or chairs to create contrast.

In short, Nude is one of those colors that shine with their own light, those shades that are always trend thanks to their versatility. Skin reflection and inspiration for many interior design projects due to the fusion of cream colors. Light in color but captivating, Nude is a source of beauty for all spaces.

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