Starwood, design and style in a York home

Vivienda con Eden Tanzania Almond, Starwood

Earth colors are synonymous with warmth and familiarity. The beige or creamy tones always convey a positive feeling, take us to a pleasant situation, a moment to repeat… And is that they are the star colors to use throughout the floor of the house. If we add to that some key decorative accessories, we’ll get a house you won’t want to leave. 

The first step is to use a material that is warm and reminds us of nature. Only this way will we feel in harmony. Ceramic wood such as Starwood is your best choice as it presents the image of natural wood thanks to the degradation of color and texture along with the advantages of a tile. 

Starwood | Eden for the floor

If you want to use the same floor for all the rooms, the light color is recommended as it will not overload the spaces. However, in some areas you can give it a different touch with our Eden decor (60.2×60.2 cm). This is the case of the house of @smiths_at_home, located on the outskirts of York (England). 

The herringbone pattern drawn by Eden gives continuity and therefore enhances the feeling of spaciousness, while the Almond color provides naturalness and light.

Starwood | Combine with beige and browns

Once we have selected the floor, we must choose the furniture that will go with it. If we keep on with the idea of designing cosy spaces, we have to use furniture and decoration in brown and beige tones. These colors convey peace. In the house @smiths_at_home, they have opted for wood for the table, as well as the benches and windows of the living room. 

In the kitchen, the stools are also made of wood, and so are the shelves. In both spaces it is complemented with light beige colors, almost reaching white so as not to fall into monotony. 

Starwood | Use Plants

And since one of the purposes was to make the house as elegant and functional as possible, all the rooms have plants. In addition to being aesthetically very practical to fill a corner, give a touch of color… they have other benefits such as purifying and cleaning the air. They also increase moisture, which improves our physical health. 

As a decorative access to provide warmth, we also find rugs and blankets. They always give a homely image. 

Green is the main focus in other spaces. A matte green, but elegant and hopeful. This color is related to good health, life, serenity… A very advisable, refreshing tone with Eden Tanzania Almond floor. A perfect combination!

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